Marking a century since the death of Heorhii Narbut on May 23, 1920, the project aims to reexamine his work, update his cultural legacy and ideas for contemporary design, and present Narbut—one of the most prominent artists of the 20th century—to the world.
We are organizing an international exhibition, The Imaginative World of Heorhii Narbut and the Making of a Ukrainian Brand, which includes an English-language catalog in partnership with the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art.
We are reproducing the Narbut Anthology, which was destroyed in 1933 by the repressive Soviet regime at the printing press.
We have also opened a poster competition, At the Intersection of All Opposites, whose winners will take part in an online exhibition.
a massive project that’s a part of the program Significant Dates for Prominent Figures in Ukrainian Culture.


Narbut. Studii. Spohady. Lysty

[A Supplemented Reproduction of the Narbut Anthology, destroyed in 1933]


Aesthetics of Heorhii Narbut

The Imaginative World of Heorhii Narbut and the Making of a Ukrainian Brand

Ukrainian formalism in the age of Ukrainization and traces its signature brand

Retrospective and Natsprom: myths and stereotypes

Ukraine’s new brand: one hundred years later
Author: Dr. Myroslava M. Mudrak


Brendari — is a series of interviews about design and art school in Ukraine with followers of Georgy Narbut — the patriarch of Ukrainian branding.

     Poster competition

At the Intersection of All Opposites
     Deadline August 28
Curator: Sasha Bychenko