[A Supplemented Reproduction of the Narbut Anthology, destroyed in 1933]

Narbut. Studii. Spohady. Lysty

The history of the Narbut Anthology

This story of this art monograph begins before Narbut’s death. The best-known experts were invited to participate and contribute articles, which they spent many years preparing.
But the Soviet censors “trimmed” the texts to their liking. When it was finally published in 1933, nearly all the authors had been repressed or executed. The anthology went under the knife at the printing press. It was a shame, too, because the paper was beautiful, specially allotted by the state printing press, as was the print. Only two incomplete copies remain, both in private collections.
Serhii Bilokin first proposed the idea of the Narbut Anthology to Rodovid Press ten years ago, and now it is finally coming to fruition with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. This is thanks to Bohdan Zavitii, Anastasia Bilousova, and entire project team including designers Sasha Bychenko, Oleksii Salnykov, and Alina Bielova. The Institute of Art History, Folklore, and Ethnology, the National Art Museum of Ukraine, the Kharkiv Art Museum, and others are helping with the illustrations and textual material.
Heorhii Narbut was a decisive figure in twentieth-century Ukrainian art, yet the Communist taboos of the Soviet period ensured he remained unknown to a broader audience. This unique project fleshes out a significant aspect of art history and puts certain things back where they belong.

Each of the 1000 copies has a unique cover, generated by an algorithm from various works of Narbut, fragments, photos and fragments of text. Since the original edition has not been preserved in it's entirety, the restored book does not have a single appearance either.


Narbut. Studii. Spohady. Lysty [A Supplemented Reproduction of the Narbut Anthology, destroyed in 1933]

Hardback cover
408 pages
245 х 308 mm
ISBN 978-617-7482-41-2


Aesthetics of Heorhii Narbut

The Imaginative World of Heorhii Narbut and the Making of a Ukrainian Brand

Ukrainian formalism in the age of Ukrainization and traces its signature brand

Retrospective and Natsprom: myths and stereotypes

Ukraine’s new brand: one hundred years later
Author: Dr. Myroslava M. Mudrak


Brendari — is a series of interviews about design and art school in Ukraine with followers of Georgy Narbut — the patriarch of Ukrainian branding.

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At the Intersection of All Opposites
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Curator: Sasha Bychenko